Name: Alastair Wood

About me:

Alastair has been a teacher for many years right through from taking the youngest pupils in reception class to lecturing at university. For the past decade he has been working mainly with teenagers in a secondary school teaching Drama and English and taking a lead in pastoral care and well being. This has been combined with a background in performing arts and design focused on the theatre and music industry. An individual interest in meditation has developed over 30 years into a professional one and he now really enjoys promoting understanding of mindfulness and sharing it with people of all ages. Personal experience of chronic pain brought him to Breathworks and mindful pain management, something he has also combined with hypnotherapy and being a Reiki master practitioner. Alastair is very happy to see clients one to one or frequently leads groups in the Breathworks method, please contact him for further details.

Specialisms: mfhc, mfsc, mis, mitw, onetoone, mp

City: Taunton

Phone mobile 07376374990


County: somerset

Country: united-kingdom


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