Name: Adela Soria

About me:

As a teacher of Mindfulness in Respira Vida Breathworks, I hope to be able to guide other people in their suffering so that they can discover, from their experience, the depth and power of Mindfulness to become more aware and feel happier, freer and more compassionate. 

I am trained in .b MiSP (Mindfulness in Schools Project) and as a Secondary and Baccalaureate teacher, I run Mindfulness programmes for teenagers in schools.

Mindfulness came into my life at the right moment after years of illness and suffering but also learning and progress. 

I immersed myself in the world of sensations like an avid apprentice with a thirst for knowledge. Aware of the changing nature of things, I learned to relate to the flow of my experience. I approached my suffering cautiously at first, but curiosity drove me forward, allowing me to feel my suffering and accept it for what it is. 

This path of discovery and learning has made me aware of others who walk alongside me and I see myself reflected in their joy and pain.

I choose to take this path every day and keep learning from those who selflessly teach me and share so much.

Specialisms: mfhc, mfsc, mis

City: Madrid

Phone mobile (+34) 666076545


Country: spain

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