Name: Cristiana Giaccardi

About me:

I am an accredited Breathworks teacher, counsellor and coach. After a masters in archaeology and a life spent working in cinema, I studied meditation and eastern wisdom traditions for many years. I came to mindfulness after discovering the Breathworks method for health in 2011. 
Vidyamala’s vision of kindness and compassion inspired me and helped me to heal, body and soul, after a back surgery.

I was eager to share this wisdom with people in need, so I got a specialization in the "application of mindfulness in counseling", a diploma as consultant coach, and made my teacher’s training at Breathworks in the UK. 
Now I am offering Breathworks Pain and Stress reduction courses, one-to-one sessions of mindful counseling and coaching, and I’m passionate by applying mindfulness at work.

I give my courses in Italian, English, French and Spanish, in groups or one-to-one sessions, in person or online.

Region: Switzerland

Specialisms: mfhc, mfsc, mitw, coaching, onetoone

City: Locarno

Phone mobile (+4178) 6006613


Country: switzerland

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