Name: Nina Colvin

About me:

As a working mother, juggling the work/life balance often felt stressful and overwhelming. Looking for a new direction I discovered Mindfulness which helped me gain back control of my life. Learning and implementing the tools of Mindfulness reminded me to be compassionate with myself. I learnt to respond calmly rather than react negatively to life’s difficult situations.

I am passionate about sharing these important skills which can make profound changes in our lives.

Over the years, I’ve seen many people benefit from the Mindfulness courses I run, and they have now developed techniques to help deal with their stress and anxiety, increasing their wellbeing and enjoying life more.

Specialisms: mfsc, mis, mitw, onetoone, mp, other


Other special: Small groups, Workshops

City: London

Phone mobile 07973829844


County: greater-london

Country: united-kingdom



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