Name: Natasha Doran

About me:

Natasha Doran is a senior research fellow (medical anthropologist and medical sociologist) with an expertise in qualitative health research. She has collaborated on a range of research exploring doctors’ health, wellbeing in the workplace, education, professional development and practice, as well as patients’ experiences of living with chronic illness and pain. She has published in the areas of medical education; mindfulness-based approaches to living with pain; trainee doctors’ stress and support mechanisms, junior doctors’ experiences of personal illness, general practitioners reasons for leaving UK general practice early in their careers, quality improvement in hospital settings and social research methodology. She is currently running Breathworks courses and collaborating on a national study to evaluate patient safety collaboratives across NHS England.
Natasha carried out research on Breathworks as part of her doctoral thesis and this led her to later train in the Breathworks approach and become an accredited trainer. Having grown up with constant pain following a spinal injury (age 16) and a spinal fusion (age 18), she found that practising meditation and mindfulness in everyday life has helped her to manage her pain and enjoy a better quality of life. She is now keen to share this learning with others. 

Specialisms: mfhc, mfsc, mitw, research, onetoone


City: Totnes

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Other country: Devon

Country: united-kingdom


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