Name: Carrie Phillips

About me:

I have 8 years experience of a meditation and mindfulness practice, the same length of time I have been a qualified Physiotherapist. While practicing mindfulness in my personal life, I learned the benefits to help me through the roller-coaster of life and with this I quickly realised how patients could also benefit from this approach. It was this realisation and passion that led me to want to teach mindfulness and help others as it has helped me. Breathworks stood out for me due to the comprehensive yet compassionate nature of both their teaching and courses. I was especially drawn to the Mindfulness for Health course as it is designed for those with chronic pain and illness which is ideal with my background.
I am aware of how important the mind and body connection is and in 2018 I started my business ‘Mind and Body Balance’ which includes services such as; Breathworks 8 week courses (Mindfulness for Stress and Mindfulness for Health), bespoke mindfulness courses and workshops, 1:1 mindfulness sessions, (face to face or online), body massage and physiotherapy for long term conditions. 
I am based in Penrith, Cumbria and happy to discuss suitability for any of the above services.

Specialisms: mfhc, mfsc, onetoone


City: Penrith

Phone mobile 07888995002


County: cumbria

Country: united-kingdom

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