Name: Tanja Stevanovic

About me:

On the 3rd day of my own Breathworks-Training in 2006 I knew that I wanted to teach the Breathworks courses for the rest of my life. At the end of my training I quit my job and became self-employed with Breathworks in 2007. My aim is to spread the Breathworks approach all over Germany to make it available to everyone who wants to get to know our methods, spirit and practices.

Therefore I offer courses, workshops and trainings together with Abhayada and other trainers in Germany.

I am a Biologist. Since 1999 I have been practicing mindfulness and meditation, after having learnt it at the Buddhist Centre in Essen. Breathworks helped me to deepen my experiences. I became able to connect more with my body and my emotions in meditation but also in my daily life. So it changed my whole way of living and interacting with other people. My passion is to give this gift I got from Vidyamala, Sona and Ratnaguna to all the people who are suffering from chronic pain or illness - or whoever would like to get to know a way of living with more contentment and happiness.  

Specialisms: mfhc, mfsc, other

Other special: Mindfulness for carers, One to one phone and Skype sessions

City: Gelsenkirchen

Phone mobile 0049 (0)209.2757547, 0049 (0)15771820322


Country: germany



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