Name: Taramati B Lopez-Marti

About me:

I am a nurse by vocation. I love taking care of people and enjoy even more when this work can be carried out in a personalized way.

I conceive the human being as an integrated its various aspects biopsychosocial being, being more than the sum of its parts ; I promote and defend health care watching every person from this holistic vision.

I understand health as the individual's ability to meet its 14 independently basic needs ; reaching the highest degree of independence and taking the best possible quality of life in their personal situation. You could define health as the quality and the quality of life necessary for the functioning of the human being at the biological level (physiological ) , psychological (emotional ) , social and spiritual.

Specialisms: mfhc, mfsc

City: Madrid, Valencia, mobility throughout Spain

Phone mobile (0034) 675736784


Country: spain



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