Name: Silamani J. Adolf Guirao-Goris

About me: Senior Trainer in Breathworks. I have a PhD in Nursing from the University of Alicante. Professor of Public Health at the School of Nursing La Fe in Valencia. I have just finished Level 1 of training in the program of Mindful Eating Concious Living.
The context of my spiritual practice is the Triratna Buddhist Community. In March 2014 I was ordained into the Buddhist Order Triratna and received the Buddhist Pali name of Sīlamaņi that means "he who is a gem of ethics." Being consistent with the holistic view of human beings, I have decided to use the name of Sīlamaņi in all facets of my life, although legally retain my former name (Josep Adolf).

Specialisms: mfhc, mfsc, other

Other special: Mindful Eating

City: Valencia


Country: spain



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