Name: Saverio Navarino

About me:

I am an accredited Breathworks teacher. I started meditating in 2010 while passing through a moment of deep dissatisfaction.
In this period I started working on myself using different approaches. I started a series of philosophical dialogues with Monica Cavallé both to clarify my ideas and beliefs and to train myself as a Philosophical Counselor. Through this process I opened myself to several learnings. I learned NLP, and received my fully NLP Practitioner qualifications from Richard Bandler in 2010. At the same time I started practicing Yoga and Mindfulness meditation. Practising Mindfulness had a big impact on my life. It soon became clear to me that Mindfulness meditation had a profound therapeutic effect.
In 2011 I started my training within Breathworks. It has been an inspiring and fulfilling journey.  Now, few years later, I am ready to offer people everything that has helped me to grow and live a more happy and satisfying life.
I teach Mindfulness for Health and Stress courses and offer Philosophical Counseling sessions, live or Skype.

I live in Sicily and beside meditating I love swimming, practicing yoga and reading. I hold a degree in Philosophy and I am able to speak Sicilian, Italian, Spanish and English.


Specialisms: onetoone, coaching, mitw, mfsc, mis, mfhc

Facebook: Saverio Navarino

City: Palermo

Phone mobile (0039) 3332253898


Country: italy



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